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Leaf Trading Post

A new page, given that we're working at home at the moment.... time to get weaving!


All of my upcoming workshops are cancelled, so I have the following available if anyone is interested! As long as postal services continue, I'll do my best to get these out to you - contact me and I'll do my best to help.


Braidweaving kit, Sunna 5
 - for weaving braids with 5 floating patterned threads. Ready threaded-up in four different colours, and the kit has all the bits and pieces you need to get weaving. All you'll need is a belt, and somewhere to attach the far end of the weaving to - a door handle will be fine. £40

Sunna5 braidweaving kitSunna5 braidweaving kit


Sunna 5 kit, soft greensSunna 5 kit, soft greens

Sunna5 kit, redsSunna5 kit, reds

Braidweaving kit, Sigga 8

 - for weaving braids with alternating colour blocks, with 8 floating threads. The braids at the left are the sort of braids that you can weave with this kit - the choice of colours after you've woven your first braid is up to you! £40

Sigga 8 kitSigga 8 kit

Braid weaving heddles, small

- in gold/silver/black/white £16

Gehpa shuttle
- in silver/white £16

The braids in the photo were all woven on this kind of heddle.
small heddlesmall heddle

Hand-made wooden shuttles
- made here in the workshop, in a variety of woods, shapes and sizes. Some are delicate, and some are sturdy. I started making these after wanting shuttles that I couldn't easily find elsewhere. Nowadays I use a very small wooden shuttle for most of my weaving. I find that using a lovely wooden shuttle makes weaving so much more enjoyable. £30
Handmade wooden shuttles, Leaf Trading PostHandmade wooden shuttles, Leaf Trading Post

Stoorstalka cloth bags
I have a few of these here in stock - a nice way to keep all of your weaving things in one place! £9
cloth shopper bagscloth shopper bags

Postage is charged extra. It depends on the parcel, but is typically £3.50 within the UK.