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Earth pigment - green earth 30ml




A natural green earth pigment powder that comes in a 30ml glass jar. It's unusual to find a green earth pigment, but green earth, or terra verde, is found in some parts of Italy and Bavaria. It was used by the Romans to paint the walls of their villas. Ours is Verona green earth from Italy.

The powder can be mixed with glue, oil, paint, wax, plaster and other mediums. If it's just mixed with water, then when the water evaporates/dries, the mixture will revert to being just powder.

If you're not sure what to mix the powder with, think of what you're painting on to - if you're painting on to wood, mix the red ochre powder with dilute wood glue. This will act as a binder and will help the powder to stay put. If you want to paint on to a drumskin, then a hide glue, rabbit skin glue, or acrylic paint base (which is flexible when it dries) would be suitable.

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