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Earth pigment - red ochre - 30ml


A natural red ochre powder that comes in a 30ml glass jar. A good rich red that we use in a lot of our craft projects.

The powder can be mixed with glue, oil, paint, wax, plaster and other mediums. If it's just mixed with water, then when the water evaporates/dries, the mixture will revert to being just powder.

If you're not sure what to mix the powder with, think of what you're painting on to - if you're painting on to wood, mix the red ochre powder with dilute wood glue. This will act as a binder and will help the powder to stay put. If you want to paint on to a drumskin, then a hide glue, rabbit skin glue, or acrylic paint base (which is flexible when it dries) would be suitable.

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