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Earth pigment drawing sticks


We make these drawing sticks by hand here in the workshop, and they're a good way of using the ochres and earth pigments. They're quite powdery in consistency, like a chalk pastel crayon. This means that you can scrape some powder off the stick and mix it with anything of your choice - oil, wax, dilute glue, etc - so that you can use the pigment in projects. You can also use the drawing stick directly of course. Some of our customers use the drawing sticks as a body paint, and the colour washes off without leaving any mark afterwards (this is because the colours are pigments rather than dyes - they attach to the surface of something rather than going in an changing the colour of it).

The set of five sticks comes in a rectangular tin and consists of: black ochre, purple ochre, red ochre, yellow ochre and white clay. Each stick is approximately 1.5" to 2" (50mm) long.

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