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Earth Pigment Pack


Four jars of earth pigments (30ml each of red ochre, yellow ochre, black ochre and white clay) and an information leaflet, all in a re-useable zip-top pack*.

These are perhaps the four most commonly used pigments in many indigenous cultures, and give soft, rich, lightfast colours. The powdered pigments can be mixed with many different substances, such as oil, water, wax, gum arabic, rabbit skin glue, dilute PVA or wood glue, egg yolk, varnish, paint, etc.

*Please note - yes, we're aware that this zip-top pack is a single use plastic and we will be changing to a new non-plastic packaging (all being well) from July 2018. Please re-use the current pack if possible. Alternatively, you can get our Cave Art Kit which contains biodegradable cellophane packs of the pigments which you can put into your own jars.

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