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Bone flute - medieval sheep bone flute



These sheep bone flutes are accurate working reproductions of medieval bone flutes, made here in the workshop by Helen Leaf of the Leaf Trading Post. She has studied the archaeological examples as research for her PhD.

The sheep bone flute is on the right of the group photo, and has three front toneholes.

If you'd like to know more about bone flutes, we have an article  that was published in the Galpin Society Journal - this gives good general information about medieval bone flutes. You can find it as a free download on academia.edu. The link is 
https://www.academia.edu/1644807/English_Medieval_Bone_Flutes_A_Brief_IntroductionOr, if you'd like a copy get in touch and we'll send one to you (thanks to the Galpin Society for allowing this). 

The flute will come in the pack shown in the second photo - it will come with the article in a clear wallet packaging.

Due to natural variations in the shape of the bones, each flute has a different and unique sound. We like our customers to try serveral flutes and choose the one that suits them best - if you're coming along to any of our shows and want to make sure we have them with us, let us know.

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