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Drum - frame drum


We spend a lot of time and care on these drums, and we're very pleased with how they sound. We make the frames here from birch plywood, and we make sure the edge is smooth and fine. We chamfer the edge of the drumshell so that the drumskin can resonate freely. Then, we use red or yellow ochre to colour the drum frames, and English red deer rawhide for the skins. We make the drums so that the skins are quite tight so that they respond well in the English climate, which can be damp at times. Our drumsticks are made from locally-sourced hedgerow wood and have a red deer leather end.

Drum diameter - 16", depth - 3.5"

The drums can also be used like a frame drum and played with the hands. They are very responsive and have a good range of tones.

We make some of our drums with an open circle at the back (see the photo for details) - we find that by playing the drum with the hand open rather than closed gives a very different experience. Let us know if you'd like your drum to be made in this way.