Environmental Policy

Environmental and ethical concerns are of strong importance to us, and we aim to conduct our business accordingly. We aim to inspire a greater understanding of and co-operation with nature and natural raw materials.

Out of preference, we use natural materials that are locally sourced or produced in the UK. Some of our raw materials are sourced by ourselves, while others are sourced directly from suppliers that we have developed good and respectful working relationships with. We have found that by spending time talking with or visiting our suppliers, we learn more about the materials and products that we stock. We use many of these materials here in the workshop.

We use biodegradable cellophane in much of our packaging (e.g. for our earth pigments) which is made from sustainably grown forests. We consider this preferable to using plastic packaging that is used once and then discarded. The boxes for some of our kits (e.g. the Cave Art Kit, Oak Gall Ink Kit) and our cave art T-shirts are made of recylced material, are compostable, are made as part of sustainable forestry practices and have a low carbon footprint.

We've also changed the jars for our beeswax balms so they can be completely recycled. They are glass jars rather than plastic, and we've replaced the bakelite lid with an aluminium lid.

When we package an order for posting, we re-use packing materials to reduce both costs and waste.

We have never used plastic carrier bags at our shows, and for those customers who do need a carrier bag, we have paper ones. For very large items such as drums or sheepskins, which may need protection at rainy shows, we have biodegradable plastic sacks.

When we attend shows we use solar lighting, and any electricity used in manufacturing the goods in our workshop comes from wind power.