Ochres and Pigments

We're very inspired by cave art and naturally occurring pigments. The colours are rich and soft, light-fast, and are soluble in many different mediums such as water, oil, paint, glue, hide glue, plaster and wax.

        We've put together a Cave Art Kit that has four of these colours and charcoal for drawing - this is a good way to try out these pigments.

        Or, our Earth Pigment Pack has jars of four pigments (red, black, white, yellow) which are used by many people in Aboriginal art, medecine wheel work, and more.

               The trick to knowing what to mix the pigments with is to think about what substance might usually be used, and to use this substance as a binder. So for painting onto wood, you can mix the pigment with dilute wood glue; for painting onto rawhide, you can mix the pigment with hide glue, etc.